Bees and honey at Eurexpo Lyon !

Tens of thousands of bees have just made Eurexpo Lyon grounds their home, a new 110 hectare haven where they can buzz away in peace in the venue’s many flower parks.


True symbols of today’s endangered biodiversity, in particular because of the intensive use of pesticides, bees play an crucial role: they carry pollen from one flower to another, thus enabling the survival of an entire ecosystem. INRA and the CNRS estimate that 80% of the world's crops (70% in France) are directly dependent on pollinators, which happen to be for the vast majority our happy bees.


The installation of these hives at Eurexpo Lyon (and also at the Lyon Convention Center) is a unifying and fun teambuilding opportunity with a positively environmental approach for Lyon for Events and GL Events Group teams.

From this year onwards, as an added bonus, our privileged customers and co-workers will be able to taste Eurexpo Lyon’s honey! Our busy bees will be producing between 20 and 30 kg of sweet honey in each of the 3 hives.